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J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. was organized in 1983 to provide engineering and consulting services to the oil and natural gas industry. J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. specializes in drilling and completion services for major oil companies as well as independent operators and individuals without technical and field personnel of their own. J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. also provides property management services.

Experienced in working in all Texas and New Mexico basins as well as many other states, J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. is long accustomed to the broad and sensitive role as the client’s representative and consultant.

The client’s need to show a profit is carefully regarded.

Profit in the oil and gas industry is the result of the effective use of capital, technology, equipment and personnel. J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. offers professional competence, experience, knowledge and common sense, to assist in maximizing profits for its clients.

Services ranging from technical field studies and analyses to exploration, drilling, com­pletion and property management are available singularly or in an all-inclusive package.

The four general branches or divisions of J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. are engineering and design, drilling, completions and workovers, and property management. Each division involves the following functions:

1. Feasibility Studies                                           5. Expediting

2. Planning                                                            6. Supervision

3. Recommendation                                            7. Reporting

4. Coordinating                                                    8. Evaluation

Engineering & Design       

J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. engineers examine available data sources such as local geologic records, drilling and production information and special operator requirements when planning your well. Feasibility studies, cost-risk analyses, AFE preparation, and prognoses provide the basis for final decision making.

As necessary, J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. will coordinate any or all of the proposed program requirements with the service industry. This includes bid solicitation, contract negotiation, operational procedures and timely scheduling of services. Regulatory form filing services can also be provided.

The Engineering & Design services of J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. are provided to support our personnel in the field, but are available on other types of projects where field supervision is not required, including forensic testimony 


J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. provides consultants for field supervision of drilling operations. The consultants can answer to J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. or directly to the engineering staff of the operating company. These consultants will supervise the staking of the location, negotiate damages, road and location construction, and implement the drilling program.

During the drilling of the well J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. and its consultants will manage the drilling fluids, oversee drill stem testing, logging operations, the running of casing, cementing, and daily reports. Cost-risk analyses are routinely made for the drilling operation. The objective is total management in a calculated, concentrated effort to drill a well at the lowest cost possible, all risk situations considered.

Completions & Workovers   

J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. provides consultants for field supervision of completions and workovers. When total depth is reached J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. can directly supervise and, if required, recommend a procedure for the completion of the well. Evaluations based on experience, economics, well data, and offset well information are used to prepare and carry out these procedures.

Installation of production facilities, purchaser sale lines, and salt water disposal concerns will be managed with the same cost-risk concerns used in the drilling operations. Reports will be compiled with all necessary data for regulatory reporting.

Property Management – by: Mulloy Operating, Inc.        

Management of the well and related properties consists of maintenance of production records, filing of regulatory forms, performance analyses, monitoring production, evaluation of artificial lift equipment, maintenance work above and below ground, and pumper supervision. These are all provided through Mulloy Operating, Inc., the property management corporation for J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. Other areas of concern include salt water disposal, scale, corrosion, and paraffin problems while keeping LOE costs to a minimum.

Mulloy Operating, Inc. is fully bonded and insured to operate your wells in their name in the state of Texas. Operations outside the state of Texas would need to be negotiated on a need basis.

In all areas J. W. Mulloy Associates, Inc. can provide accounting and computer related services which can include joint interest billing, revenue distribution, well payout status, and AFE analysis with tangible and intangible expenses reported.

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